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June 2018
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Status updated 3 mins ago

The Covenant is taking a break from SWTOR for now. We have built a lot of friendships and had a lot of success over the years, however, we have come to the point we just can't support the guild any longer as an active guild. We will be back to SWTOR at some point and some of our members are active in other games so please stay in touch with us here and on our facebook page at:

Covenant Facebook Page

'Ello All!

Now that some of the holidays are over (with more on the way in December), we've got some new news updates to pass along for the guild. So, without further ado, here's some juicy tidbits!

  • Game Update 5.6 hits tomorrow! Take a look at the patch notes - there's a lot of good information in there and worth a readthrough (will add link when they're up today). Some highlights from Musco below:
    • New Flashpoint on Copero, a plant in the Chiss Ascendancy (Solo Story, Group Story, Veteran, and Master Modes) and the continuation of the Alliance traitor storyline.
    • The return of Raina Temple.
    • Nahut, the third boss in the Gods From The Machine Operation (Story and Veteran modes).
    • New GSF Deathmatch map set in orbit over Iokath.
    • Significant changes to Group Finder (new UI, all queuing in one place, upgraded rewards, solo activities added).
    • Legacy-wide credits and Unassembled Components.
    • Changes to Galactic Command disintegration (gear now disingegrates directly into Unassembled Components to help mitigate RNG).
    • New item, the Master's Datacron. This allows you to take any existing character and boost them to level 70; this boost does not progress story.
  • Double XP/CXP event had a bug, so they postponted it to start on 12/12. GOOD NEWS THOUGH! It will last from 12/12-1/1.
  • Teamspeak & Discord. Be sure you have Discord as it's a great way to quickly find guilidies for things. There's a phone app that's easy to use and push notifications can be turned on/off at your leisure. We're debating about continuing to use Teamspeak or just switching our voice communicate to Discord alone. While we'll always have Discord for the text communication/phone app, TS3 does have a cost associated with it. That being said some have raised concerns about the voice quality in Discord. If you have a particular feeling towards either, feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments!
  • Recruitment. Everyone can do this! If you're running a FP or Ops with pugs and bump into players that would make a great addition to the Covenant, feel free to direct them to this website to apply. Officers are going to be checking daily on any new applications so there shouldn't be too long of a delay.
  • PvP - while I am not a huge fan, I know some absolutely love it! For those that do thoroughly enjoy PvP, let us know if you want to try and restart the official PvP nights! 
  • Impside FP/OPs haven't been a huge focus, but some have expressed interest in these to work on achievements/CXP on Imp characters. Be on the lookout for some planned events, but don't hesitate to grab people in TS/Discord and get some things going. If you have alts in Courageous, obviously you can find folks there too!

Have fun out there,


And now...dancing Lobot:


Be on the lookout for this each week (hopefully). Lots has been happening with the game in preparation for United Forces next week, so here's a short roundup of the changes and news out there and some tidbits from our own guild:

  • Utility Changes for 5.6 have been released. Lots of interesting adjustments with some developer notes to explain the rationale. It's a long post, but worth the read.
  • Additional Carnage/Combat changes were announced. They are basicaly changing the Ferocity/Precision window to work a bit differently. Sentinels - take a gander.
  • Character Slots have been explained in detail with regards to United Forces on November 8th. In a nutshell, maximum slots per server will be raised to 100. Altaholics rejoice (or cower in fear of our addiction being enabled, whichever).
  • Dailies are back to being rewarding again - at least once a week! While the actual missions are still giving crappy CXP amounts, the weeklies have been buffed very well. For instance, for a character under Rank 300, using the boost and full 100% bonus, Iokath's weekly would reward 30k CXP. 
  • With United Forces, they've posted a detailed look at the rewards from playing in groups during this time. Want Darth Hexid?
  • Don't forget: Mez has set up a weekly 16man Operation run each Saturday night! Be sure to take a look at the calendar to see what's coming up. Signups are encouraged!
  • Uprisings, Seeker Droid, Macrobinocular, etc. If there is some aspect of the game that's not normally in the rounds, let's get stuff going. Seb and I are looking to set up some times where we can blast through Uprisings for fun - and for those that have never run them to experience them, earn achievements, and meh amounts of CXP. Never completed the Seeker or Macrobinocular questlines? Fey and I would LOVE to run those because they're such a pain to find groups for. 
  • Suicide Squad is still recruting any/all players that just want to have some fun while earning CXP, learning mechanics, or even learning your classes. We've got 2 DPS spots open for our usual Monday 8PM EST runs, so if you're interested, shoot me a message.

As a quick note, don't forget, if you're regularly running Flashpoints or hitting up PvP, toss a quick message in guild chat to see if others want to join up. Absolutely nothing wrong with pugging, but I can guarantee there are others doing similar activities! 

See ya'll in game,


Thanks to Everyone for coming out!  Started with Coruscant and finished on Correlia. 

We had a lot of laughs and fun!

Screen Shots uploaded to Photobook on site.

Stay tuned for next run if we get enough people we will take down Voss, Section X, and Ziost!

The Covenant Stands Proud!

Great Job All!

Greetings Covenant Members!

As some of you may or may not have noticed I have added a few things to the guild calendar.  For example Flashpoint time, and dailies time.  This is in no way saying I'm trying to control when or how you play.  These are just structured time slots to encourage commradery within the guild.  With the coming server merge it is a great time to grow as a guild.  In order to do this we need to pick up the activity and remind our server we are still around.  I know if I was on a smaller server right now before the merge i would want to scout out the activity on my future home.   With that said JC is the most populated server of the ones being merged together.  Lets make sure our name is out there.  With that said we also want to remember to make sure our name is represented for the right reasons.  Please remember if your wearing "The Covenant" guild tag adhere to Guild rules and code of conduct.

The goal is to show we are still a strong growing extended family going forward.  If there are any questions or concerns, heck even suggestions don't be afraid to bend my ear in game or even through enjin.

Keep an Eye on the Guild site and lets Rock the Server!


Unfiortuntaly I am not playing anything right now. Just too busy. I know there are people playing other games though.....
So what other games are y'all playing
TC is taking a break from the game right now everyone. Please stay in touch here and on our Facebook page.
anyone online in covenant right now who can add to the guild?
Running around this morning Brian not sure if will be back for then